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In February this year (2009), I left my management consultancy contract with a public sector organisation to devote time to netpreneurship (working from home). Even though I was earning a decent income from my contract, I was miserable, to say the least. It was not just the hassle of working very uncivilised hours. The whole thing sucked.

In all my work as a Project/Programme Manager, I had great success, not only achieving project objects but also on time and well within budget. I felt that with the same attitude, earning a decent income online would be a breeze.

Not wanting to put myself under undue pressure, I set a target of September 2009, by which time I would have fully replaced my contract income with my work from home income, working less hours. That has been the plan.

As I write this post (29th June, 2009), I have not hit the six figure income yet, but things are looking up. I am not working less hours, infact I'm working more. I am happy though because I can see where I'm going very clearly and I know that the whole purpose of going this route is going to come to fruition.

In the following weeks leading up to September, I intend to log my progress on this blog, first for posterity and secondly maybe it would be of benefit to a few people.

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Welcome to my newly created blog.

This blog is alll about working at home to earn a decent income and live a good life. I hope you will find some useful information here that will change your life for the better.

One thing I must say - working at home is not like waving a magic wand and riches suddenly start flooding in. It needs discipline, hardwork and some minimal investment to set things up. The difference here is that you "Control your Time".

I currently publish a number of blogs which include:


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